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We can’t believe it’s all over – digital switchover is complete

Posted October 24, 2012 - Blog Posts

Over here at Freeview, we can hardly believe the end is beyond nigh, it has in fact been and gone. Five years in the making and with the simple flick of a switch, 76 years of analogue signal in the UK and Northern Ireland was forever switched off just before midnight last night. Yes, in case you missed it: we all woke up to the digital TV age this morning, officially.

Thanks to the able hands of Olympian, Dame Mary Peters, never again shall we see Ceefax – the text based news service. That aside, this marks the start of another exciting era of television. Digital TV offers a wider variety of channels and improved viewing experiences such as high definition and the advent of the PVR (personal video recorder, allowing you to never miss another moment of TV), as well as catch up services like BBC iPlayer and 4OD by hooking up your box/TV to the internet.

And it doesn’t stop there as the industry and viewers alike keep pushing the experience forward. As we mentioned a few weeks ago, right now it’s all about second screening . For many, it’s no longer enough to passively enjoy watching TV – we want to part of it – and as seen in the Mercedes Benz interactive advert  shown during the X Factor, we even want tomake things happen.

No one knows what the future of digital holds, but if recent developments are anything to go by, it’s bound to be exciting. And so, we say thanks to the man of the moment, Digit Al, for his years of service. We think the Guardian  puts it best when musing about what the future holds for the little guy: “One thing is for certain – he is no longer a digital guy living in an analogue world.”

As they say – a new day dawns. And we can’t wait to be a part of it – how good is that?

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