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Week 38: Freeview news and highlights

Posted September 21, 2012 - Blog Posts

Happy Friday!

We’ve got some fabulous news for you! There is a new Freeview product available for pre-order from John Lewis today. You can get your hands on the new Pure Avalon 300R Connect Freeview+ HD box to enjoy a wealth of wonderful features including:

• Pause, rewind and record SD and HD Freeview TV

• Innovative use of ‘Picture in Picture’

• Dual tuners – record two channels simultaneously

• Recommendation engine offers up HD equivalents where available

• Built-in Wi-Fi

• Leading edge HTML5 based versions of BBC iPlayer and ouTube

• Tune into worldwide internet radio and play on-demand radio and podcasts from Pure Connect

• Choose from a range of transitions such as ‘page peel’ when changing channels Only set top box to come with 4 HDMI inputs which can be renamed to suit

We tried it out at the launch event yesterday and have to say that we were impressed with the fluidity of the interface.  You can check out what Pocket Lint thought of it here .

The 500GB model will be available for £300, with the 1TBversion coming in at £350.

Some of your channels have moved

Yes, it’s true but there’s no need for alarm as we have a brand new channel guide  for you so that you don’t have to be confused for one,single moment! How good is that?

In short though, here’s what’s changed:

  • Argos TV has launched on channel 55
  • Al Jazeera has gone 24hrs

And then some channels have moved house:

  • Dave is now available on channel 12
  • Really is now available on channel  17
  • Yesterday is now available on channel 19
  • Food Network is now available on channel  48
  • Jewellery Channel is now available on channel  49
  • Teletext Holidays is now available on channel  201

That’s not all of the changes though so be sure to take a look at our channel guide or check your EPG.

That’s the news, now on to the fun stuff: quick look at TV highlights


This World – Aung San Suu Kyi: the Choice is a profile ofthe Nobel Peace Prize-winning dissident. For something a bit more romantic, Ever After: a Cinderella Story is on E4 at 7:10pm followed by the slightly less romantic but equally coupl-y Mr and Mrs Smith at 9:40pm. Of course, usual suspects Doctor Who (7:30pm, BBC1), The X Factor (8:10pm, ITV1) and The Thick of It (9:55pm, BBC2) are also on tonight.


If you are anything like us, Sunday hasn’t come round fast enough! This is it, baby: wedding time on Downton Abbey (9pm, ITV1) – hopefully the end of the ‘will they, won’t they?’ Also on today, a new series, Kevin McCloud’s Man-made Home (8pm, Channel 4) and over on BBC1, Andrew Marr’s History of the World at 9pm. If you’re looking for something a little off the beaten path, try Jimmy and the Whale Whisperer at 7pm on Channel 4.


Tonight is a foodie’s dream. We’ve got the new series, Nigellissima (8:30pm, BBC2) where the lady herself shows us how to bring alittle taste of Italy to the British Isles. That’s up against Food Unwrapped(8:30, Channel 4) but don’t forget you can watch one while you record the other thanks to Freeview+. It’s the last episode of Leaving tonight at 9pm on ITV1and the penultimate episode of Citizen Khan at 10:35 on BBC1.


Food lovers can indulge again tonight as The Great British Bake Off (8pm, BBC2) continues and there’s another recording moment tonight – anew series, The Paradise is on at 9pm on BBC1 while at the same time over on Channel 4 is documentary, The Boy Who Can’t Forget. We are definitely looking forward to both of those.


We’ve been waiting for this one: Room  at the Top debuts tonight on BBC4 at 9pm,whilst social experiment Drugs Live: the Ecstasy Trial comes to us courtesy of Channel 4 at 10pm. Harry Potter fans listen up, JK Rowling – Writing for grown-ups: a Culture Show Special is on BBC2 at 10pm.


New series Homefront (9pm, ITV1) kicks off tonight. It depicts the lives of the women related to serving soldiers. Meanwhile it’s the last episode of The Audience at 9pm on Channel for and The Choir: Sing While You Work continues over on BBC2, also at 9pm. You can also catch the second part of Drugs Live: the Ecstasy Trial tonight at 10pm on Channel 4 and of Room at the Top at 9pm on BBC4.


Now, this one looks really interesting: Servants: the True Story of life Below Stairs, a three part series starts tonight at 9pm on BBC2.Lots of giggles to be had tonight as well with Miranda (8:30pm, BBC1), Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow (9pm, BBC1) and Alan Carr: Chatty Man at 10pm on Channel 4.

That’s it folks – have a great one!

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