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Week 40: Second screening and TV highlights

Posted October 5, 2012 - Blog Posts

What’s with all the second screening?

Everywhere we look lately, there’s talk about the second screen phenomenon – the use of other screens, such as laptops, smartphones and tablets while watching TV.

Research suggests that 70% of tablets owners and 68% of smartphones owners said they use their device while watching TV*. Furthermore, it is also suggested that second screening and more specifically social media, can actually have an impact on what we watch and when. Not too hard to imagine when you think about it. How often do you sit watching TV with friends – be it football in the pub or The X Factor in the living room and one or more of you is actively engaged…on your mobile phone. More than that, how often do you choose to watch a particular programme based on what others are posting about on Facebook, Twitter and the rest?

Next time you get caught out – on your phone whilst simultaneously ‘watching’ the TV – don’t feel too guilty – you’re far from the only one.

Tell us – are you part of the second screening phenomenon? What do you think about it? We think it’s a really interesting trend and definitely one we’re keeping our eyes on.

TV highlights                            

So, what’s new you say? Here are some new shows worth checking out this week:


Merlin, BBC1 at 7:45pm
Take Me Out, ITV at 7pm


Antiques Roadshow, BBC1 at 8pm
Homeland, Channel 4 at 9pm (we don’t know anyone who isn’t excited about this)
Friday Night Dinner, Channel 4 at 10:05p


Eight out of Ten Cats, Channel 4 at 10pm


The Great British Bake Off, BBC2 at 8pm (ok it’s not new but it is the penultimate episode)
Jewish Mum of the Year, Channel 4 at 9pm
Fresh Meat, Channel 4 at 10pm


Great British Food Revival, BBC2 at 8pm
DCI Banks, ITV1 at 9pm


The Plane Crash, Channel 4 at 9pm


Have I got News for You, BBC1 at 9pm
Me and Mrs Jones, BBC1 at 9pm
England vs San Marino (World Cup Qualifier), ITV1 at 7:30pm

*Second Screens Apps Market and Trends, Renaud Fuchs, VP Strategy, Business Development & Transformation at Tecnhicolour

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