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What's new, Freeview?

Posted November 29, 2013 - Blog Posts

Here at Freeview Towers, we’ve been talking about a few things this week that we thought our viewers might be interested in. Here’s the lowdown of Freeview news this week:

The Ashes

Cricket fans have been treated to back to back Ashes tournaments this year. As the boys battle it out down under, what do you reckon England’s chances are for a double triumph?

Keep up to date with all of the action with highlights on Pick TV (Freeview channel 11).


Entertainment fans, fear not, you’re covered as well with the launch of VuTV this week.

VuTV is a brand new TV subscription service that offers an exciting line up of popular channels via channel 238 on Freeview. With a mix channels suitable for kids and adults, you can watch SpongeBob or Charlie Sheen in Anger Management. To be honest, sometimes we wonder if SpongeBob should be in Anger Management…but we digress.

Check out for more info.

TV highlights

We’ve also been talking about our favourite shows this week and there’s a bit of a split. Among Homeland lovers, some are disappointed with the new season so far whereas others are liking the slightly slower pace – surely, they are building up to something big. Maybe we’ll get some more clues in the next installment this Sunday at 9pm on Channel 4.

Is anyone watching Ripper Street? Aside from Matthew Macfadyen’s butter-would-melt silky tones and the certain je ne sais quoi of Captain Jackson, we think the series keeps going from strength to strength. And we’re rather impressed with their historically accurate lingo (even if it does have us glued to Google). Ripper Street continues Monday at 9pm on BBC One.

Ripper Street

In terms of new stuff that’s coming onto a small screen near you, keep an eye out for The Audience, which returns for a second series on More4 from Thursday at 10pm. You can also get a sneak peek inside Liberty of London as it prepares for Christmas on Channel 4 – Monday at 9pm. We must be in the documentary mood as we are also looking forward to 28 Up South Africa as we catch up with  the youngsters that the cameras have been following for the past 21 years. Has anything changed? We’ll find out on Wednesday at 10:35pm on ITV.

Of course there’s lots more to fill your time, your screens, and your + boxes. Tell us, what are your telly favourites at the moment?

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