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Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the NHS with Freeview

Posted June 21, 2018 - Blog Posts,News and Blog

To celebrate the NHS turning 70 on the 5 July, we’ve rounded up the very best medical-themed shows to watch this week and on-demand.

Saturday 23 June at 8:20pm
Did you know that Casualty is the longest running medical drama in the world? Its dramatic openings and characters such as loveable charge nurse Charlie Fairhead have kept people tuning in since 1986. This week, Ethan is full of guilt over a patient’s death (as well as his fling with Leigh Ann), and Connie interrogates three suspects over the mysterious death of her goldfish.

One Born Every Minute

Sunday 24 June at 8pm
Follow couples at Liverpool Women’s Hospital’s as they go through a rollercoaster of emotions and bring new life into the world. This includes Hayley, who’s giving birth to her second child – something she appreciates more than most after experiencing the loss of her mum as a child. However, husband Stephen stops things getting too sentimental with his comical commentary during labour “She’s all slimy. She’s got eyes!”.

Emergency Helicopter Medics

Sunday 24 June at 9pm
Whether its heading into forests, farms, or even mountains, these guys bring the hospital emergency department to wherever it’s needed. In this episode, the medics race to save the life of a farmer who’s been pierced in the chest with a metal spike and a motorcyclist who’s crashed in the Lake District.

Britain’s Best Junior Doctors

Monday 25 June at 7:30pm
Comedian Jo Brand presents the quiz show which pits junior doctor against junior doctor. Think University Challenge with a medical twist, where teams of junior doctors are tested on their medical knowledge – including through a mock A&E. Medical expert Dr Helen Lawal is also on hand to help viewers with any tricky medical jargon.

The show is on all week and the teams are competing for a place in Friday’s final.

Jo Brand and medical expert Dr Helen Lawal

24 Hours in A&E
Channel 4
Tuesday 26 June at 11pm
It’s non-stop for the staff at St George’s A&E as they deal with patients with all sorts of medical emergencies. This includes Billy, a 24-year old whose motorcycle accident left him trapped underneath a car, and Freddie, a two-year old who’s managed to get his thumb stuck in the door.

NHS at 70 – Live

Tuesday 26 June at 8pm
Anita Rani and Nick Robinson present a special show to mark 70 years of the NHS, live from Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Alongside the celebrations, the show will also raise important questions about the NHS today and its future, in front of an audience of patients and professionals.

Anita Rani and Nick Robinson

The Highland Midwife

Channel 5
Wednesday 27 June at 8pm
Described by one patient as ‘the stars of the NHS’, these midwives care for expectant mothers and their babes in one of the remotest parts of the country. In this episode, a home birth becomes more complicated when a woman is still in labour after 30 hours, and there’s a possibility midwife Ruth will have to deliver a baby in the back of an ambulance.

Celebrities on the NHS Frontline

BBC One (not Wales)
Thursday 28 June at 9pm
Celebrities including Anne Widdicombe and Stacey Dooley find out what it’s like to work on the frontline at King’s College Hospital, London. Can these celebs cope with the pressure?

The Royal

Available on the ITV Hub
Set in the 1960s, this gentle drama follows the staff and patients at a Yorkshire cottage hospital. With storylines involving scorned lovers, domestic disputes, and the ethical challenges of being a doctor, it’s well worth checking out if you missed it first time round. Watch out for guest appearances by characters from Heartbeat as this show is set in the same fictional world.

Scene from The Royal



Available on UKTV Play
Brand new hospital comedy about a delusional porter who’s convinced he’s on the way to becoming a doctor. Strangely – and rather wonderfully – the cast includes Rutger Hauer, star of Hollywood films Blade Runner, Batman Begins, and Sin City. There’s also notable cameos from Matthew Horne (Gavin and Stacey) and Kelsey Grammar (Frasier).

Don’t Tell the Doctor

Available on Demand5
Four doctors come to the aid of young people who’ve turned to social media rather than their GP.  From Sophie’s severe acne to a gym addict’s struggle to control his rage, there’s plenty of embarrassing and mysterious issues for the doctors to get their heads around.


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