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Christmas Made Easy With Freeview Play

Posted December 9, 2016 - Blog Posts,News and Blog

Somewhat paradoxically, the time of year with the best TV on our screens is also when we’re at out busiest. Thankfully, Freeview Play’s here to ease the pain. With catch-up television built into the TV Guide, you can plan your viewing around you and your nearest and dearest this Christmas.

Avoid the dreaded Christmas-clash

No more disappointing grandpa when he wants to watch the Queen’s speech. Other members of the family might prefer to switch over to Channel 4’s Alternative Christmas Message. From Marge Simpson to Edward Snowden, 2016 is sure to be as poignant as ever. Let grandpa watch the Queen live and after he’s settled into his afternoon nap, scroll back in the TV Guide and catch up on My4.

Watch last year’s Alternative Christmas Message from Abdullah Kurdi


Finish basting the turkey and catch up after dinner

Every household has a different tradition, if yours involves a lengthy process of food preparation well into the late afternoon, you might find yourself peeling potatoes during the Doctor Who Christmas special. Fear not. If you can avoid the spoilers, wait for it to pop up on BBC iPlayer and watch it after dinner.

This year sees the return of Dr. Mysterio


Scroll back to see what you missed

Not had a chance to put together your Christmas viewing schedule yet? Boxing Day creeping and not sure what you’ve missed? Freeview Play offers the ability to scroll back in the TV Guide to find out what was on. Catch up the next day over turkey and stuffing sandwiches.

There’s plenty to watch on the BBC this Christmas


Five on demand services to choose from on Freeview Play

With TV on demand from BBC iPlayer, the ITV Hub, All 4, Demand 5 and UKTV Play all in one place with the Freeview channels. Even if the Christmas schedule if shows isn’t quite to your taste, you definitely won’t be stuck for something to watch.


fvp servies



Keep the kids entertained with Ketchup TV

Part of the crop of streaming-only channels available with Freeview Play, Ketchup TV offers unlimited kids TV shows, all available on demand. From Thomas and Friends to Little Baby Bum, there’s plenty for kids to choose from.


Test out your new TV with Freeview’s HD channels

Savvy enough to grab a new TV this Black Friday? With over 15 channels available in HD on Freeview, cue up an episode of Planet Earth II and soak up those colours.

Planet Earth II finishes up this Sunday, examining the harshest habitat of all: cities.

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