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Freeview crime dramas and Netflix/ Amazon in January

Posted January 5, 2017 - Blog Posts,News and Blog

From Prime Suspect to Poirot, crime dramas are in our nation’s DNA. No one does it quite like us – although the US and Scandinavia give it a very good go. And luckily, with Freeview and Netflix, you can try a bit of all of them. Along with Sherlock and Unforgotten, there are a few more cracking mysteries on our screens this January.

Sherlock – Sundays at 9pm, BBC One.
You can catch up here.

Silent Witness – Mondays and Tuesdays at 9pm, BBC One.
You can catch up here.

As the colder months squirrel us away further inside our living rooms, there’s nothing better than topping up your TV with subscription on demand services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. We’ve selected a few choice cuts to get your teeth into – all you need is a smart TV or Freeview Play.

Crime Dramas on Freeview

Silent Witness – Season 20
Sunday 8 January at 9pm

If a show has been renewed for a 20th season, it must be doing something right. Silent Witness has always addressed topical issues well, with the first two episodes confronting the dark underworld of human trafficking and Syrian refugees. 

Catch up with the latest episodes here.

Wallander – Season 1
Saturday 7 January at 9pm
Drama (Channel 20)

Swedish detective Kurt Wallander investigates a series of violent and terrifying murders in the sleepy town of Skåne, South Sweden. What connects the shocking suicide of a young woman and the vicious murder of a government minister? Corruption is stirring in the heart of the Swedish establishment.

NCIS – Season 13
Saturday 7 January at 8pm
Channel 5

The US crime drama returns for a thirteenth series as Gibbs fights for his life. In the wake of the three-parter that ended the previous series, the new season kicks off with Gibbs’ life hanging by a thread. Luke, the youngster Gibbs had tried to rescue from the clutches of the terrorist network known as the Calling, has betrayed him.

Catch up with the latest episodes here.


Tarzan and Jane
6 January

A modern-day remake of the classic novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs. 16-year-old Tarzan returns from the African jungle to a London boarding school and meets Jane, who helps him solve crime, mysteries and environmental injustice. This eight-episode animated series should definitely be on this evening’s watch list.

Tarzan and Jane

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events
13 January

12 years after Jim Carrey took on Lemony Snicket’s Count Olaf, Neil Patrick Harris is now transforming the eccentric criminal in 13 new episodes. Yes, it’s based on a children’s novel, but the dark undertones of the Baudelaire children’s bleak existence seep through while maintaining the original comedy.

20 January

Canada, 1700s. Follow the warring factions vying for control of wealth and power in the North American fur trade. This six-part drama told from multiple perspectives is set in a world where business negotiations are often resolved with hatchet fights. Frontier explores the delicate relations between Native tribes and Europeans that sparked bloody conflicts. Despite not airing for another two weeks, Season 2 has already been commissioned.

Amazon Video

Sneaky Pete
13 January

Giovanni Ribisi plays a con man on the run from a vicious gangster (played by Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston). While attempting to flee from his past, he assumes the identity of former prison cellmate, Pete and ‘reunites’ with Pete’s estranged family – a colourful, dysfunctional group that threatens to drag him into a dark underworld just as dangerous as the one he’s running from.

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