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Blaze Launches on Freeview Channel 83

Posted September 20, 2016 - Features

New channel BLAZE™ launches at Freeview channel 83, kicking off at 3pm today with brand new American Restoration. BLAZE™ will bring a distinctive new brand of entertainment to Freeview, celebrating people who achieve the extraordinary through determination. Their eclectic mix of top American reality programmes celebrate real people and their stories.


BLAZE™ is bringing American hit shows including Mountain Men, Unusual Suspects, The First 48 and many more to Freeview for the first time, meaning our original offering is better than ever before. They’re also bringing brand new episodes of Pawn Stars and Ax Men, so you can see new episodes of the shows you already love.

Don’t forget: If you can’t see BLAZE™ at channel 83 already, you may need to perform a retune in order to receive it.

September Highlights

American Restoration – Weeknights from Tuesday 20 September at 8pm

American Restoration is brand new to Freeview. It follows Rick Dale (who you may have seen in Pawn Stars) as he finds, restores and sells weird and wonderful objects.

In this first series, everything from Cadillacs to Coke machines are lovingly brought back to life by Rick and his team. Rick is a natural storyteller, and shapes each episode with the history of the items he is restoring, taking us through the mechanics.

Have a look at the taster:

Pawn Stars – Weeknights from Tuesday 20 September at 9pm

At one time or another, we all did a double-take when someone said they were watching Pawn Stars, and now BLAZE™ are airing a new series of the hit show as well, expect it to happen more.

Pawn Stars follows the infamous Harrison family as they run their Las Vegas Pawn Shop, where there’s never a shortage of tension as they buy and sell obscure objects.

PAWN STARS - Series 13 - Gallery

Mountain Men – Weeknights from Tuesday 20 September at 10pm

Mountain Men don’t just film in the wild, they live there all the time. This gives the show authenticity; you know the skills are real, and you know that these guys really survive all year round through harshest conditions, in some of the most inhospitable places. The show follows them as they hunt, make a living off the land and demonstrate survival skills, honed and perfected over generations. This is another Freeview first.

The First 48 – Weeknights from Tuesday 20 September at 11pm

If you don’t have a lead, a suspect or an actual arrest in 48 hours of a murder, the likelihood of catching the criminal is cut in half. Each episode of The First 48 follows a different team of real-life murder investigators as they make headway into new cases during that critical time-frame. The pace builds as the clock ticks. Will they solve the case?

Unusual Suspects – Weekdays from Wednesday 21 September at 4pm

Unusual Suspects reveals secrets about the investigations of some of America’s most baffling crimes. These are cases that were solved, but ones where getting there was anything but straightforward, and there was someone you’d never suspect behind the crime.


October Highlights

Ax Men – Sundays from 9 October at 8pm

Ax Men follows larger-than-life loggers as they carry out one of the most dangerous jobs in the world to make a living. With chainsaws, falling trees and snapped cables (just three in a long list of work hazards), things can – and do – go wrong. You’ll quickly learn it’s not a job (or show) for the fainthearted, but for many of the loggers, it is a family tradition and way of life.

Big Rig Bounty Hunters – Sundays from 9 Oct at 10pm

It’s an unusual premise that makes for great viewing; every week, hundreds of trucks carrying valuable goods go missing. Cue the Big Rig Bounty Hunters, who step in to find these missing trucks for the companies they belong to. The risk is high but the rewards are great.

Big Rig Bounty Hunters #02 Series 1, Episode 2 "Fight and Flight" Animal and Steve / A+E Networks/ This Is Just A Test Productions

Cajun Pawn Stars – Weeknights from 18 October at 9pm

This Southern version of Pawn Stars is yet another Freeview first. A spin-off with as much character and drama as the original. Jimmie ‘Big Daddy’ Deramus heads up his family business serving the colourful customers at Silver Dollar Pawn.

The Curse of Oak Island – Sundays from 23 October at 9pm

Legend has it that Oak Island has long-lost treasure buried on it. But it comes at a price: it’s cursed. Seven people will die before the treasure is discovered, and the current death toll is . . . six . . .

THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND - Series 1, Episode 1 "What Lies Below"

The Curse of Oak Island follows Rick and Martin Lagina from Michigan as they attempt to uncover the island’s secrets, with their unusual (and expensive) permission to excavate. Will they find pirate treasure, historical artifacts or nothing at all? No spoilers here – but rest assured, whatever happens, the journey is incredible.

Swamp People – Weeknights from 24 October at 10pm

America’s largest swamp in Louisiana is a forbidding, hostile environment teeming with wildlife (particularly of the toothed, chompy variety). It is also home to The Swampers, a handful of brave Cajons who live by 300-year-old traditions. This nail-biting series follows them at the most important time of year: the 30-day alligator hunting season.

Saturday Night Specials

As if that’s not enough to be getting on with, BLAZE™ will also have one-off specials every Saturday night with a different theme each week. On the cards so far are:

  • Alcatraz: The Search For The Truth
  • The Godfather Legacy
  • Presidents Book of Secrets
  • Lee Harvey Oswald: 48 Hours To Live
  • JFK Assassination: The Definitive Guide

Watch the exclusive trailer for these shows:

So . . .

BLAZE™ is a no-nonsense entertainment channel bringing a new and unique voice to Freeview. It’s chock full of great characters and extraordinary stories. Sit back, tune in and BLAZE™ on!

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