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Freeview Focus on… Andi Osho

Posted August 2, 2011 - Features

2 August 2011

Andi Osho is one funny lady. She’s arguably the star of Stand Up For The Week, she’s appeared in a host of great TV shows including Casualty and EastEnders, and this month, her stand-up tour is making its way to Edinburgh. We caught up with Andi to talk about her busting moves for charity and why her bottom is not ready for a HD close-up!

1. Tell us what you’re up to at the minute?

At this minute, I’m getting ready for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as I’m performing there this month. Right now, I’m working on a pilot at ITV with Jason Donovan. Yes, the planets are finally aligning!

2. You’ve starred in Casualty, danced for Comic Relief and made the nation laugh on Stand Up For The Week – what is the standout moment of your TV career?

Let’s Dance for Comic Relief on BBC One was definitely the scariest thing I’ve ever done. It’s the biggest live gig I’ve been involved in and it was double scary because I wasn’t even doing stand up, I was dancing!

3. What is your ‘Top TV’ moment from the past year?

My first Mock The Week was really, really good. I was terrified but luckily it all went to plan. I knew I was alright whenRussell Howard leant over and said “that was good, that was”. I was thinking “I’ve done it, I should retire now!”.

4. Which television series, old or new, do you think of as ‘Unmissable TV’ and why?

The Wire on BBC2 is awesome, obviously, but I’m really looking forward to the return of The Walking Dead on Channel 5. It’s the new behind-the-sofa kind of TV – that and the audition stages of Britain’s Got Talent!

5. Tell us what shows you are watching or recording at the moment?

At the moment I seem to be watching heaps of stand up, on all the channels, at crazy times! I’ve seen some really inspirational stuff recently. Comedy is a staple part of the TV diet!

6. Which actor would you most like to work with and why?

Chris Rock or Regina King. They are two of my comedy super-heroes. I like the idea of working alongside anyone that is either really good that I can learn from and get better, or really bad so they make ME look good.

7. Tell us your guilty TV pleasure?

The Only Way is Essex on ITV2 and Made In Chelsea on E4. I’m a bad person.

8. Who was your childhood TV hero and why?

Michael J. Fox. I used to blinking love the man.

9. When was the last time TV made you cry?

It was That’s Life, the old BBC One series. They were doing a piece about a little boy called Ben who was ill, and I got really upset watching it and then really confused as to why I was getting upset about a person I’d never met. I didn’t cry like that again until Take That split up.

10.  Now Freeview HD is available, which part of your body would you least likely to see in high definition?

My bum. It looks massive on standard TV as it is!

You can catch Andi throughout August in series 2 of Stand Up For The Week.

Stand Up For The Week is on at 12.50am, every Monday, on Channel 4 & Channel 4 HD. 

For more information on Andi and live dates, visit 

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