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Freeview Play Launches On LG TVs

Posted November 4, 2016 - Features

From this month Freeview Play is available on certain LG TVs¹, increasing the choice of Freeview Play enabled sets. LG will be joining the likes of Panasonic, Humax and JVC that already have Freeview Play built into product ranges.

To access the Freeview Play scroll-back guide on these TVs you will need a software update – click here for more instructions. 

What is Freeview Play?

Simply put, it’s live TV and on demand, all in one place. Watch catch up by scrolling back through your TV guide and access programmes you missed from the last seven days, on demand. Find programmes from BBC iPlayer, the ITV Hub, All 4, Demand 5 and UKTV Play sitting alongside over 70 digital channels and 15 HD channels. Simply make sure your TV or recorder is connected to the internet and you’re good to go. And as ever with Freeview, there’s no monthly fee.

Mid-range LG TVs

LG 65UH650V
Our first entrant for LG’s mid-range Televisions, and it still boasts 4K HD capabilities at almost half the price of its OLED successors. It doesn’t pack the same weighty punch the OLED models do when it comes to sound, but for a 4K Smart TV it’s a solid contender.

Purchase from Argos here.

LG 65UH750V
Almost identical to the model above, but with 3D Colour Mapping: colour transitions are cleaner, especially when transitioning from dark to light colours.

Click here for WhatHiFi’s take on the LG 65UH750V.
Purchase from Richer Sounds here.

LG 55UH850V
Despite coming in 10″ smaller, enhanced 3D integration allows for a fully immersive environment- connect a 3D blu-ray player and enjoy. And of course it carries a 4K HD picture as well.

Best value LG TVs

LG 55UH615V
This fantastic 4K HD screen is wrapped in a modern metallic housing and navigated via the intuitive Smart TV webOS which supports Freeview Play.

Purchase from Argos here.

LG 55UH650V
An HD display featuring ColourPrime Pro technology delivers a picture of vibrant colours. The perfect canvas for your entertainment, as a unique upscaling process and Smart 4K TV, ensure all your viewing is always in incredible detail.

Purchase from Argos here.

LG 49UH661V
Ushering in a new era in picture realism, the HDR-equipped LG 49UH661V makes TV more immersive than ever.

Click here for WhatHiFi’s take on the LG 49UH661V.
Purchase here.

LG 49UH650V
This LG model is ten times cheaper than the flagship model we outlined above. However, it still offers a 4K resolution alongside HDR processing, a Smart Web operating system and the ability to record onto a USB stick (EU only).

Purchase from Argos here.


Click here on update instructions to bring the Freeview Play scroll-back feature to your Television.

¹ OLED65E6V, OLED55E6V, OLED65C6V, OLED55C6V, 86UH955V, 65UH950V, 55UH950V, 75UH855V, 65UH850V, 60UH850V, 55UH850V, 49UH850V, 65UH790V, 55UH790V, OLED65B6V, OLED55B6V, 75UH775V, 65UH770V, 60UH770V, 55UH770V, 49UH770V, 65UH750V, 55UH750V, 49UH750V, 43UH750V, 65UH668V, 55UH668V, 49UH668V, 43UH668V, 65UH661V, 55UH661V, 49UH661V, 43UH661V, 65UH650V, 55UH650V, 49UH650V, 43UH650V, 58UH630V, 50UH630V, 40UH630V, 65UH625V, 60UH625V, 5UH625V, 49UH620V, 43UH620V, 65UH615V, 60UH615V, 55UH615V, 49UH610V, 43UH610V

Subject to coverage. Aerial upgrade may be required. Minimum broadband speed of 2Mbps required to watch catch up and on demand. 7-day catch up on selected channels only. Additional services including scroll back TV guide available later in 2016. Software update maybe required.

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