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Freeview’s Penny-Pinching Guide

Posted January 27, 2017 - Blog Posts,News and Blog

As January draws to a close and the post-Christmas crunch has set in, we’re all on the lookout to save a few bob here and there.

Ultimately, the secret is: spend less, have more money.

A great way to do this is cutting back on subscriptions, one of which could be a costly TV package. Freeview, as it happens, has no monthly cost whatsoever.

There’s plenty of more ways to save this new year, some of the best tips are featured below:

Save as much as you spend on leisure

If you’ve got a disposition for impulse purchases, think about putting the same amount of money in savings as you spend on each splurge. So if you’re paying £40 for the latest console game, put £40 in your savings. If you can’t afford double, don’t buy it.

Always check for coupons and cashback

When you reach the checkout, most online shops will ask if you have a coupon or promo code. A quick 5-minute search won’t take long but it could save you a lot of money. 

  • Honey – Chrome extension (Click on the Honey button during checkout and Honey will automatically apply coupon codes to your shopping cart.)
  • Amazon Discount Finder – A quick and simple way to find the hidden discounts and offers from Amazon.
  • Living Social – Similar to Groupon Living Social is all about helping you find deals in your city.
  • EXTREME Couponing Delivering daily coupons, deals and discounts.

Have a Spring clean

You may still have some unwanted Christmas gift you got from that relative you only see once a year… Get that stuff on eBay, Gumtree or Craigslist. Less clutter, more money. The great thing about technology is, even when something shiny and new comes out – there’s still a market for older models of technology. Check out the Gadget Show’s guide to selling old tech here.

Give your purchase a little time

Don’t add it straight to your basket and check out (unless it’s something that’s going to sell out quickly).  If you can hold off, give it a few days or a week and see if you can get a better deal. Usually, websites will discount items a few weeks after offering it online.

Trade in unwanted gift cards for cash, or purchase some for a sly discount

Zeek is a marketplace to buy and sell gift cards.  So if you’re holding a £50 iTunes gift card in one hand and a new Android phone in the other, think about trading those in for 40-odd pounds and buying some Google Play credit instead.

Eat Smarter

  • Abide by the Golden Rule: don’t shop when you’re hungry. Browsing the aisles on an empty stomach can leave your cupboards bursting with unwanted snacks, and your wallet empty. 
  • Eat more vegetables. Even if you’re not ready to give up meat entirely, introducing more vegetables into your diet can do wonders for your health and your bank balance.
  • Cook from scratch.  Learning to cook properly can save you money, impress your friends and loved ones and potentially land you a slot on Masterchef. 

Switch bank accounts for an incentive

Switching is quicker and easier than you think, and it can earn you instant cash. Most banks offer you a cash injection to switch your current account to theirs. Here you can find what banks are offering you cold hard cash, for free.

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