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Go Big and Stay Home: Action on Freeview This Weekend

Posted March 10, 2017 - News and Blog


Saturday 11 March at 9pm on E4

Boasting a glittering cast including Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren and Anthony Hopkins, RED 2 reunites Frank Moses (Willis) with his crack team of ageing elite operatives. RED stands for Retired, Extremely Dangerous. Whilst the film starts with Willis trying his best at the first letter in the acronym, the plot quickly descends into bullet-ridden chaos – and all the better for it.


Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Sunday 12 March at 9pm on Film4

Lauded by critics as the most accomplished in the series, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol showcases Tom Cruise’s action credentials perhaps better than any other thriller. Also featuring the excellent Jeremy Renner and our own Simon Pegg, reprising the role that brought him to Hollywood. Ghost Protocol adopts the familiar premise of an intelligence institution turning against their star operative, Ethan Hunt must team up with a gang of neglected agents to clear his name and catch the real culprits.



Friday 10 March at 9pm on Film4

One of the weirder thrillers of the last decade, Salt includes, but is not limited to the following: office furniture that’s actually a lethal weapon, astute wig-based disguises and orphans brainwashed by The Brady Bunch. Jolie is excellent in the lead (a role initially marked for Tom Cruise) equal parts deadly assassin and master of disguise.



Friday 10 March at 9pm on Sony Movie Channel

Coming along a year before the release of Die Hard and quickly cementing itself as an Arnie classic, Predator tells the story of a successful rescue mission gone wrong. After besting militias in a Central American Jungle, Schwarznegger and his men find themselves hunted by a stealthy extraterrestrial. Enough with the plot though – it’s far down the list of priorities for this film. Potentially the most testosterone-fueled flick to grace the silver screen, Predator lacks brains, but more than makes up for it in brawn. With action, energy and momentum rarely pulled off in cinema, we wouldn’t change this classic one jot.

If you’re after more Predator, catch Predator 2 on Friday 10 at 11:10pm on Sony Movie Channel and AVP: Alien vs Predator on Saturday 11 at 9pm on Film4.



Die Hard

Tuesday 14th at 9:00pm on Film4 Freeview

Yippee-ki-yay. A film that needs no introduction and one that you’ve likely seen a thousand times before. Die Hard defined the 80s as much as it defined the action genre. In many people’s eyes the best of its kind, this witty thriller catapulted Bruce Willis into superstardom and spawned a wave of imitations that continue to this day. In our eyes, nothing quite comes close to the original, and if you’re not worn out after this weekend’s action,  catch Die Hard this Tuesday on Film4.



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