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Movies, Movies Movies – We Really are Talking Pictures!

Posted December 1, 2017 - Blog Posts,News and Blog

This week we are focusing on Talking Pictures (Channel 81).

This is the channel for classic British movies (and some American classics too). It’s here that you can see some great movie stars performing at the top of their game, from actors you know – like Peter Sellers – to those you really should check out – like Jack Hawkins and Edith Evans.

From 30 November Talking Pictures has become more widely available.  However you will need to retune to get the updated service.

To give you a flavour of what Talking Pictures has to offer, here’s a selection of the channel’s movies coming up this weekend:

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
Friday 1 December at 10pm

A Nottingham factory worker’s tangled love life is the focus of this gritty drama. This was the best British picture of 1960, and with cracking performances by Albert Finney and Rachel Roberts it’s not hard to see why.

Butch and Sundance: The Early Days
Saturday 2 December at 8pm

If you’ve ever wondered about the early outlaw careers of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid , this movie will fill you in. With Tom Berenger and William Katt in the title roles, this prequel to the 1979 western has plenty of freewheeling fun and good-natured banter. And as a bonus, we get to see an entire western town being flooded!


One Million Years BC
Sunday 3 December at 4pm

It’s been called a Jurassic lark, but it’s also a kind of prehistoric Romeo and Juliet. A caveman falls for a woman from a rival clan, forcing the lovers to flee from their villages. Raquel Welch co-stars with John Richardson, and watch out for an award-winning performance by Terry Dactyl!

Looking further ahead, Talking Pictures is also bringing some great movies for all the family during the festive season.

Home for Christmas
Friday 22 December at 4pm
Saturday 23 December at 6pm

On a chilly afternoon, we all need a heart-warming story. And few can do heart-warming better than Mickey Rooney. Here, he plays Elmer, a petty thief who’s doing odd jobs to compensate for a break-in. But when six-year-old Samantha sees Elmer, she’s convinced that Santa has brought her a grandfather.

David Copperfield
Saturday 23 December at 1:35pm

With this movie, not only do you get a classic Charles Dickens tale, but also a star-studded cast, including Richard Attenborough, Laurence Olivier, Edith Evans and Ron Moody. The movie tells the story of a young orphan who has to endure the torments of a hated step-father before finding himself alone on the streets of Victorian London. Tissues at the ready for this one!

Treasure Island
Sunday 24 December at 6pm

Orson Welles stars in this terrific adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s adventure novel. He plays Long John Silver, an ex-pirate in pursuit of young Jim Hawkins who has a map to a pirate’s buried treasure. By hook or by crook, Silver will have that map!

Monday 25 December at 4pm

This quintessential Victorian Christmas story has been adapted many times for the silver screen, but it’s rarely been bettered than in this spooky and sombre version. Alastair Sim plays the dour and crabby Ebenezer Scrooge, haunted by ghosts and tortured by his past. And watch out for a “spirited” performance by Michael Hordern.

The Blue Bird
Tuesday 26 December at 12:05pm

Long before Miley Cyrus, Shirley Temple was blazing a trail for child stars and was once the most famous little girl in the world. In The Blue Bird, she plays against her usual sugar and spice image, performing as an ill-tempered girl who has life lessons to learn while in search of the bluebird of happiness.

Hobson’s Choice
Saturday 30 December 2017 at 6pm

“He was probably the greatest film actor who came from that period of time”. That’s no small praise for Charles Laughton, especially when it comes from three-time Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis. And in Hobson’s Choice, we get to see Laughton at his very best. He plays Henry Hobson, a hard-drinking Victorian boot maker who goes to war with his daughter Maggie when she marries Hobson’s lowly employee and sets up a rival business. Laughton gives a pompous, boastful and brazen performance that’s well worth staying in for on a wintry Saturday afternoon!

Some highlights from our other film channels…

And now that we’ve got you in the mood for great movies, here are some more cinematic treats to look forward to on Freeview in the coming week.


The Heat
Friday 1 December at 9pm

Tower Heist
Sunday 3 December at 6:55pm

20 Feet from Stardom
Monday 4 December at 11:15pm

From 4-9 December, Film4 is celebrating documentary films, from personal memoirs and family stories to cultural appreciation and historical investigation. The week kicks off with 20 Feet from Stardom, an Oscar-winning documentary that shines a spotlight on backing singers.

Sony Movie Channel

The Bone Collector
Saturday 2 December at 9pm

The Lookout
Sunday 3 December at 9pm

Killing Salazar
Sunday 10 December at 11:45pm

Steven Seagal stars as one of a team of Drug Enforcement Administration agents tasked with guarding a dangerous drug lord until he can be extracted. They soon find themselves at the centre of an explosive ambush. This action-packed movie also stars Luke Goss, who’s clearly left his boyband days behind!


Arctic Blast
Saturday 2 December at 7:05pm

Movies4Men has some great sci-fi films, and this one will send chills down your spine. A solar eclipse sends a blast of super-chilled air toward Earth, setting off a catastrophic chain of events that threatens to engulf the world in ice and begin a new ice age. Wrap up warm, folks!

Battle of the Pacific

Sunday 3 December at 9pm

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