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My5 launches on Freeview Play – here’s what to watch first

Posted June 28, 2019 - Blog Posts,News and Blog

We’re very excited to announce that My5 has officially launched on Freeview Play devices. You can now watch on demand content from across the Channel 5 family and a whole host of extra channels such as BET, BLAZE, Next by Hot, PBS America, Real Stories, Spark, together and Pluto TV.

We’ve put together our pick of the latest My5 content to help you choose what to watch first.


When a transgender teen goes missing, Detective Annie Ryder (Anna Paquin) dives in to unravel the mystery, but the case forces her to cast suspicion around her small town and brings back a mysterious man from her past with a need to get in her head.


A year after a devastating flood has killed five locals in an idyllic country town, a mysterious new plant appears. The plant’s phenomenal ability to restore youth is so formidable that attempting to harness it has grave consequences.

 The Oath 

When a group of corrupt cops known as the Ravens are arrested, they must induct an FBI mole into their ranks or face prison. It’s up to Raven leader Steve Hammond and brother Cole to hide the deal from the gang – including their imprisoned father, Tom – all while playing nice with the Feds.


A hard hitting drama set in a female prison. The story centres around Chloe,who is heavily pregnant and charged with murder, and her experience of the British justice system.

Home and Away

Join your favourite Aussies as they face the trials and tribulations of the not-so-sleepy beachside town, coping with everything from love and lust to tears and tragedies… often in the same episode! One thing’s for sure – it’ll never be plain sailing for the residents of the Bay.

There are plenty more shows to choose from on the My5 app, so head to the Freeview Play area of your TV now to have a browse.

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