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Sony Crime Channel detected on Freeview Channel 60 – witnesses needed

Posted February 6, 2018 - Features,News and Blog

On 6 February, Sony Crime Channel becomes Freeview’s latest partner in crime. Launching on channel 60, the latest of Sony’s free-to-air channels brings crime enthusiasts the very best in scripted and non-scripted entertainment.

Sony Crime Channel lets you explore the darker side of life. With heart-pounding excitement, intriguing storylines, and some of the most fascinating characters on TV, we suspect it will quickly become your go-to-place for all things gritty. But beware! Prolonged viewing may make you more suspicious of loved ones, neighbours, and that magpie who’s always rooting around in your rubbish.

Don’t forget: if you can’t see Sony Crime Channel on channel 60, you may need to retune, find out how to retune here.

A dastardly line-up of TV

Orange is the New Black
Tuesday 6 Feb at 11pm, Saturday 10 Feb at 9pm
The critically acclaimed comedy-drama follows Piper Sherman, a high flying PR executive who’s sentenced to a federal prison for a decade-old drugs offence. In prison, she is reunited with her old flame Alex, an international drug smuggler and the person responsible for her arrest. However, that’s not her only issue, as she must learn how to survive in a place where corruption, drug smuggling and guard brutality are an everyday occurrence. Not easy for a privileged New Yorker!


Line of Duty
Sunday 11 February at

Winner of the Royal Television Society Award for Best Drama Series, this crime drama focuses on the controversial anti-corruption unit AC-12, based within West Midlands Police Force. With an exceptional cast including Martin Compston, Vicky McClure, and Adrian Dunbar, and a realism seldom seen on TV, this show breathes new life into the crime genre.


Person of Interest
Tuesday 6 February at 9pm, Wednesday 7 February at 5pm

An ex-CIA agent and a wealthy programmer join forces to save lives using an artificial intelligence surveillance program. The futuristic software tells the crime fighting duo the identities of the people involved, but many of the details are left a mystery, requiring both men to put their skills to use.

Created by Jonathan Nolan – brother of Batman and Inception director Christopher Nolan – and starring Jim Caviezel, who some may remember from biblical epic Passion of the Christ, the show can be best described in three words: smart, funny, and action-packed.


Real Detective: North of the Border
UK Premiere coming soon
A Canadian series which blends intimate interviews and scripted drama to provide a unique insight into the detective’s journey. Each episode focuses on a different detective as they tell the stories of the cases that still haunt them. With its UK premiere airing on Sony Crime Channel, this is a show not to be missed.


Law and Order: Criminal Intent
 A spinoff of the highly successful Law and Order series, this old favourite is widely recognised as one of the best procedural crime dramas ever. The show follows the Major Case Squad as they investigate high profile and complex cases, while focusing heavily on the motivations and actions of criminals.

Detective Robert Goren – played by the unforgettable Vincent D’Onorfio – takes unconventional to a new level as he unleashes an array of interrogation techniques to get to the bottom of even the most unusual cases.


Tuesday 6 February at 7pm, Wednesday 7 February at 1:30am
This highly original drama involves a group of con artists who target ‘marks’ with questionable morals and professions in London. Mystery is seeped into the show’s DNA, so you will be kept guessing right to the end, and with stylish direction – often involving characters freezing the scene and talking directly to the viewer. Hustle still feels as refreshing as the day it was first broadcast.


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Tuesday 6 February at 6pm and 10pm

A fast-paced drama about a team of forensic investigators who solve crimes by following the science. And in the City of Sin, Las Vegas, there are plenty of crimes that need solving.

Thoroughly addictive, this show is pure entertainment. Great characters such as investigator Catherine Willows (single mum and former stripper), Captain Jim Brass (a veteran no nonsense detective), and David Hodges (a quirky tech who sometimes rubs people up the wrong way), will have you hooked instantly.

You’ll also be introduced to the intriguing world of forensics. It won’t take long before you’ll be dropping scientific lingo into everyday conversations, such as “Hey, stop leaving those latent fingerprints on my glass!” Entertaining, and educational.


Deadly Women
Wednesday 7 February at 11pm

Although men commit the majority of violent crimes, sometimes women are also found on the wrong side of the law. This show explores and details the psychology of real-life female killers, looking at their motivations and the victims they chose.

Through dramatic recreations, discussion of the forensics, and interviews, Deadly Women looks at how mothers and daughters become killers.


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