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The Best True Crime Documentaries on Freeview

Posted July 27, 2018 - Blog Posts,News and Blog

From the safety of your living room, enjoy our pick of the best true crime documentaries on Freeview.

Traffic Cops
5Spike (Freeview Channel 31)
Saturday 28 July at 7pm

For some unruly teenagers driving like Lewis Hamilton is just a bit of fun. But with West Yorkshire’s finest on patrol, they’re more likely to end up in jail than in Monte Carlo. This action-packed documentary offers an insight into how the UK’s traffic enforcers maintain law and order on the nation’s motorways.


Killer Kids

Sony Crime Channel (Freeview Channel 40)
Saturday 28 July at 9pm

This documentary reveals the true story of a mother who manipulated her kids into murdering their father – all for a million-dollar insurance policy. Plus, three teens are chased by police across two states after a petty theft. Its combination of fascinating cases and forensic approach to these disturbing events make this programme compelling viewing for the true crime aficionado.

Banged Up Abroad

Pick (Freeview Channel 11)
Sunday 29 July at 9pm

Each year, thousands of young Brits head off backpacking in search of adventure. However, this voyage of self-discovery can soon turn into a nightmare. In this episode, two travellers tell the story of how their search for orchids led them to being captured and held hostage by a revolutionary guerrilla group in Panama.



Channel 5
Monday 30 July at 10pm

Bad choices can lead to tragic outcomes. This programme shows how a 15-year old boy in Croydon fell in with a bad group of friends, and ended up in the middle of a gang war that claimed his life.




Channel 4
Tuesday 31 July at 11:05pm

As many as 600 of HMP Durham’s prisoners are believed to suffer from mental health issues. But with only one dedicated mental health nurse on duty, the staff have to deal with the particular challenges these prisoners present. It’s not an easy watch, but this is the type of story that television does so well, giving viewers a rare insight into human stories of prison life.

Louis Theroux: Dark States – Trafficking Sex

Wednesday 1 August at 11:15pm

Louis travels to Houston, Texas, to uncover the troubling incidence of people trafficking. He accompanies vice officers on an undercover operation, and talks to sex workers about their toxic relationships with violent and manipulative pimps.

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