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The Best TV For…

Posted November 25, 2016 - Blog Posts,News and Blog

The Best All-Round TV 

With hundreds of TVs to choose from and each brand bringing something different to the table, choosing the best all-around TV for your home is one of the toughest decisions to make. Thankfully, we’ve done part of the work for you, traveling far and wide to find the perfect TV at the right price.

LG come in strong with a fantastic array of smart features in their recent models, including Netflix, Amazon, Now TV, Google Play and Spotify… and of course, Freeview Play. From their range of 2016 models, the LG 49UH610V ties these in with 4K resolution and HDR pro technology (for a breakdown on HDR see below).

Altogether, this makes for an unbeatable all-rounder at the price. With Black Friday deals still on the shelves, Argos is offering this model at a discount: £419 down from £649. These aren’t likely to stick around long.

LG 49UH610V




The Best TV for Nature Lovers

Most TVs boast High Dynamic Range (HDR) capability. Without a doubt it’s been the defining feature of 2016s range. But what exactly does that mean?

Dynamic range is a television’s ability to display a wide range of colours, with cleaner, brighter whites and deeper, darker blacks. Essential features when watching a high-speed snake vs iguana chase, or the striking beauty of a Snow Leopard perched on a frosty mountain.

Panasonic does nature justice with the TX-40DX700B. A 40” 4K set, complete with HDR and Freeview Play (when you need to catch-up with iPlayer). £499 from Currys online.

Once you’ve got your new HDR TV, catch Planet Earth 2: BBC 1 at 8pm on Sundays.

Panasonic TX-40DX700B

panasonic FVP


The Best TV for Chromecast Users

If you’ve already picked up a Chromecast, or are looking to grab one for £30 in their Black Friday Deal, you might be questioning whether or not your new TV needs all those smart features.

Fortunately, you can still buy ‘dumb’ TVs. LG offer a great option with the LG 49UF675V, bringing you a beautiful  49” Ultra HD 4K display for a price currently reduced from £899 to £585. Quite clearly the best picture for the price in the TV market.

LG 49UF675V



The Best Soundbar for Music Lovers

TVs focus on providing the best quality picture they can. Rightly so. However, sometimes the built-in sound doesn’t quite match up to the quality of the image on the screen.

That’s where soundbars come in, providing a sleek solution to bring the audio of your TV up to scratch. Nestling under your screen, you’ll hardly notice them… until you turn up the sound. 

Goodmans GDSBT30CS 2.0 connects up to your set via Bluetooth for wireless integration. With Amazon offering this unit for at a reduced Black Friday offer of £28.26 down from £59.99, that’s music to our ears.

If you’re looking to shop around for some other models, Expert Reviews have put together a handy rundown of the 10 best soundbars in 2016

Goodmans GDSBT30CS 2.0




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