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The Streaming Revolution: The Best TV Shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Now TV

Posted August 10, 2018 - Blog Posts,News and Blog

New research released this week found that nearly half of all adults have watched Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Now TV, or a similar streaming service in the last three months.

The rise of streaming services means it has never been easier or cheaper to watch the TV you love. We provide 95% of the nation’s most watched TV for free, and if we are missing any of your favourite shows it is now simple to top up your viewing – without having to lock yourself into expensive TV packages.

There is loads of choice out there – so we have put together this guide to the best shows available now on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now TV!



Stranger Things
Two series available

Netflix has created a host of exclusive shows for the service, however very few have become as popular as Stranger Things. This Spielberg-esque sci-fi drama centres on the disappearance of 12-year-old boy, Will, in a small Indiana town in 1983. As the investigation unfolds, things get stranger and stranger (hence the name), with a series of mysteries involving a shadowy government agency and an unusual girl named Eleven.

It stars Golden Globe-winning actress Winona Ryder, and introduces us to five wonderful child actors, including wise-cracking Finn Wolfhard and Millie Bobby Brown, whose understated performance has received glowing reviews. Stranger Things is worth the subscription fee.

Three series available

If you’re looking for something a bit less fantastical, Narcos could be for you. It’s a gritty crime drama set in 1980s Colombia about the US Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) war on drugs, and its attempt to take down notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar.

A genuine must-see TV show, its intriguing plot twists and larger than life characters will have you wanting to binge-watch your way through an entire series.

Amazon Prime


Five series available

Based on the novels by Michael Connelly, the series follows LAPD detective Harry Bosch (played brilliantly by Titus Welliver) as he solves crimes in the murkiest parts of Los Angeles. It has a noir-feel to it and although it’s not short of cliché, it’s a highly enjoyable detective story.

The Tick
Series one available

If you’re looking for a something a bit different, The Tick might just be for you. It’s a tongue-and-cheek superhero story about Nervy accountant Arthur and an invincible superhero (in a very blue tick costume), as they take on the city’s criminal underworld. However, it’s also possible Arthur’s having a severe psychotic episode and The Tick is a figment of his imagination. Either way, it’s a must-see for anyone who likes superhero movies like Guardians of The Galaxy and TV shows like Legion.

Now TV


The Last Panthers
Series one available

This crime thriller centres on the aftermath of a diamond heist by the notorious Pink Panthers. A Europe-wide manhunt ensues across Europe, led by determined police offer Khalil in France, whilst Independent Claims Specialist Naomi (played by Samantha Morton) is trying to recover the diamonds from London. Simultaneously, the Pink Panthers are trying to evade capture and return to Serbia – with the diamonds, of course.

This series takes you through Europe’s criminal underworld, from political conspiracies involving organised crime and EU officials, to cold-blooded murder, and even an audacious prison break.


Modern Family
Three series available

This Emmy-award winning ensemble comedy follows the up and downs of the Dunphys and their extended family. From real estate agent/magician Phil and his calamitous adventures to Gloria, the Colombian whose fiery temper might land her in trouble, but also helps keep her husband Jay and son Manny in-line. After a long day’s work, these loveable characters are perfect for putting a smile on your face.


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