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Britain's talking TV and everyone's invited

However near or far apart we are, great TV is something we can all share. Now, Freeview is bringing the nation together to celebrate the best things on television – and everyone’s invited.

Animation for grown-ups

From Rick and Morty, to Black DynamiteRobot Chicken, and The Simpsons, get bingeing our round-up of animation made especially for adult eyes only.

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Rick and Morty

Sport on Freeview Play

Check out some of the latest sporting events available for free on Freeview Play.

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HaveYouWatched Paralympics

Reality on Freeview Play

If you’ve been counting down the days till Love Island returns, then you’re in the right place.

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Love Island

Sci-Fi and Fantasy on Freeview Play

Escape reality with Sci-Fi and Fantasy shows on Freeview.

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Handmaid's Tale C4

Comedy on Freeview Play

If you are in need of some light relief, take a look at some of the comedy box sets you can binge for free on Freeview Play now.

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C4 Lady Parts

Music and arts on Freeview Play

From ballet and live music performances to the wonderful Bob Ross, we've rounded up the very best of music and arts for you on Freeview Play.

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Music and arts on Freeview Play

Crime Drama on Freeview Play

We have rounded up our pick of some of the biggest and best crime drama shows on Freeview Play.

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Food and cooking shows on Freeview Play

Looking for inspiration in the kitchen or some creative recipes from your favourite celebrity chefs? Freeview Play has you covered with a smorgasbord of food and cooking shows for you to enjoy, all for free. 

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Big Zuu's Big Eats

Property and DIY shows on Freeview Play

Over the past year our homes have been our everything. If you are looking for inspiration, or just want to nose around someone else's house for a bit, Freeview Play has a wealth of property, interiors, and garden programming for you to enjoy.

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Your Home Made Perfect

History on Freeview Play

Learn more about the seminal events still shaping the world we live in with History on Freeview Play.

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VE Day In Colour

TV to help keep the kids educated and entertained

Keeping kids informed, educated and entertained at home is more important than ever, but with many of us also juggling work at the same time, it’s a mammoth task. 

To hopefully make this a little bit easier, we have rounded up some of our favourite kids channels, TV shows, and on demand tools.

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HaveYouWatched Kids

Share all those unmissable moments

Freeview gives you 95% of the nation’s favourite shows, for free – so everyone can enjoy the experience and be part of the conversation. And with over 700 box sets on Freeview Play, you’ll always find something new for you and your friends to talk about.

We’re talking about the shows you can’t stop watching, the moments you can’t forget, and all the action as it happens. Just use the hashtag #HaveYouWatched to join the conversation.

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